Being Magnificence Again!

This time I wasn’t the initiator but played my role actively in creating this magnificence.

On my flight to Delhi, I was curious as to who were going to be my co-passengers.

I saw a couple in their 60’s take seats beside me.

My first impression: They wouldn’t be interested in small talk. I saw the husband (I would love to address as uncle), a little confused while placing order for breakfast (or may be the air hostess couldn’t understand what he wanted).
I didn’t see them talking to each other much, so thought they wouldn’t want someone to barge into their silence.

But soon I got what I was looking eagerly for: AN OPPORTUNITY TO BREAK THE ICE.

I tried helping the air hostess in understanding what uncle wanted.

Yowza! He turned towards me and asked where I was from?

“What a great opportunity to create magnificence again”, I heard myself saying within.

I turned to him with a smile and showed how I loved him talking to me.

But he was the real hero of the story.

He felt welcomed and expressed it saying, “I, most of the times, initiate a conversation and see if people are interested to take it further. If they are, then we have some interesting conversation and see what we can share. If they aren’t, then I shut my mouth. But I never miss an opportunity to invite people to talk. And I loved the way you responded.”

Wow, what magnificence!!!

How would he know I was looking for the same magical conversation?

And it DID happen for sure.

Just 10 minutes into the conversation he let the BIG cat out of the bag that would steer the entire conversation in a new direction.

I looked at him and wondered what kept him so lively, vibrant and healthy.

Of course he wouldn’t give it away so easily.

It took a few more minutes of heart-to-heart exchanges before he shared his top secret.

Here’s what he shared:

“I have never been to a doctor in the past forty years.”
“What, FORTY YEARS?????”

I wasn’t ready for this.

He hadn’t been to hospital for the past FORTY YEARS. Oh My God!!!

“How’s that even possible?” I screamed within.

Here’s the secret he shared.

He had been visiting JINDAL NATURE CURE INSITITUTE in Bengaluru every six months for the past 40 years to cleanse himself physically and to rejuvenate every cell of his body in the most natural way possible.

Listen to it again, FORTY YEARS without a single miss.

He’s met the Top Bollywood Stars Amitabh Bachan, Rekha, Satrughn Sinha and many more top Indian Stars who have been visiting the same place for all these years.

The result? He’s a little obese but has no health issues for over 40 years.

Benefits? He travels with his darling wife 15 days a month. He’s travelled across the world.

What a magnificent way of being in his body!!!

What was more interesting was the roots of his story.

In 1972, he was selling tobacco in railway stations and would sleep on the platform spreading newspapers.
From there to here, he said, is journey he was really proud of.

Today, he’s the owner of Hotel Princess in Jeypore, Odisha, India.

But what makes him special is his love for his wife.

Both love to travel and they travel almost 15 days every month.

What made my conversation with him even more special was his sincere desire to meet and interact with strangers and connect with them heart-to-heart, the way he did with me.

Something that makes him unique at his age (65) is not just how he’s having fun in his health, but also the fact that he loves sharing the secret of this health with others.

Thank you for being magnificent Ashok Agarwal!

Thank you for letting me be part of this magnificence!

You are a lovely being!

BE Your Way to Divinity in Body!