…True Fulfilment in Life

Ambition can create a million opportunities for you. The appetite for success pushes us to pursue better career opportunities, seek higher salaries, and reputation in the business world. However, as Ranjan has seen first-hand, these achievements often come at an unreasonable price.

Ranjan Kumar challenges audiences to consider an inside-out ‘heart-centred’ way to create a holistic lifestyle for self and family, and to live a well-rounded life of clarity, connection and creation – with self as the source; not as the seeker.

Purpose, meaning and creative expression, as he found out, lead to even more profitability. He shares simple ways to help audiences reclaim personal power and value in their lives.

Ranjan believes in being more of who we are, connecting with heart and creating from being to find more balance, happiness and fulfilment while increasing personal impact, success and creating an interesting legacy.

After all, this is our one chance. 

Give Life A Chance, It Gave You One!

The journey of ‘creating lasting impact’ can sometimes be lonely, harsh and confusing.

Speaking Topics

Hit Your Restart Button!

We like to grab life by the horns. We worked hard for what we have, but always want more. As a result, we’re plagued by stress, lack of balance, the need to control, and perfectionism. Ranjan Kumar’s clear action steps for life and business helps in gaining the courage to make positive and productive changes. We can do all of this while increasing our personal, business, and financial success.

You Were Born To Influence!

Ranjan understands the endless pursuit of business and financial growth – because he’s lived it. He searched for wealth, prestige, and respect and found them all. But he almost lost everything because he forgot who he was and what he truly valued. He has now transformed his life from fear to abundance and lives a life of passion and purpose. He shares the steps he took and shows audiences how to become the leaders they were always meant to be.

Just Be Here!

It’s very easy to stay stuck in the grind while life whizzes by and we end up realizing we could’ve offered more to life than just being busy. Work-life balance is not a myth as long as you don’t treat it like a technique to trick your mind. It’s a felt experience when your activities are founded upon the understanding of the fundamentals of life and the universal truths life operates through. Ranjan draws upon his personal experiences and insights which could shift perspectives on personal and professional growth and create abundance of ‘Moments That Matter’ for you as well as your loved ones.

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