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Radical Transformation Guaranteed! All personal development material is available online, but is so disorganized it leaves us paralyzed even before we start. This bestseller helps you put a system in place.

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This book is for you if:

  • You’ve tried a few ways, have hit a road-block and seek to restart your inbound journey.

  • You’ve tried a few systems, but lack the substantive philosophy to support your efforts.
  • Have a philosophy too, and have gathered so much info that it has paralyzed your growth. So now want to shift gears and explore life from an all-new perspective.

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“Powerfully persuasive! Don’t hesitate; pick it up and put it to work!”

– AKASH KARIA #1 Amazon Bestselling Author
(How to Deliver a Great TED Talk – Presentation Secrets of World’s Best Speakers)

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Who I AM

“Hi, I’m Ranjan.

I am a World Expert on Authentic Influence and I specialize in personal influence focused on clarity, connection and creation. I am passionate about change-makers and Leaders becoming influencers without being sleazy.

I coach them to increase their impact in a way that is in harmony with who they truly ARE awakening their innate sense of well-being and creativity.

Here’s what you’ll see with me as your coach:

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