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The session is the father of all personality development trainings we do. We should first figure out our authentic self and then work on rest based on the results. Wonderful topic covered superbly by Ranjan Kumar. Thank you for the wonderful session.

Suman Murkuri

– Managing Director, STS Wealth

I have trained for two days in the session it was great xperience for me. Ranjan Kumar dissected every participants’ mind-set in the session regarding their positive sides and negative sides in a perfect way without hurting anyone. And I thoroughly enjoyed two days of training session and I got clarity what I have to apt in my future. Thank you very much Ranjan.

Kavitha Reddy

– Yoga Coach

Ranjan makes complex concepts simple. I truly appreciate his creative way of presentation which helps in transforming the participants. His quest for knowledge and zeal for personal evolution makes him a sought after expert. All the very best and wish to take part in his sessions soon again.

Dr. Neeraja Padigapati

– Organizational Psychologist and Holistic Wellness Coach

I have attended sessions from Coach Ranjan Kumar and what I Love from Ranjan is simple and straight forward solutions for complex issues. Ranjan is having vast knowledge about different approaches, out of the box solutions and one of the best is empowering his clients to solve their challenges by themselves.

T V Ramakrishna

– Construction, Quality and Project Management Expert

Authentic Influence Traning Session is a REAL ROOT OF LIFE TRANSFORMATION for me. AIB it helped me understand right from he origin of my life. Mr.Ranjan Kumar, through his delivery and pratical methodology of practice makes me englightment and helped me RECONSTRUCT my Self Confidence where I was stuck.
… this is a Life time Program for everyone on this planet. What I shared is only a one-day experience with himn. I'm grateful for you Mr.Rajan Kumar.

Krishna Rao

– Participant

I attended this training. This is a life changing program. A lot learned from this program. Ranjan is life gur and has got that charisma to change our lives.

Ravi Nath Dokka

– Participant

You are an embodiment of ‘leadership’.

Shilpa Kesava Reddy

– Trainer

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